Catastrophe is a multiplayer platformer/brawler where players must compete for space atop buildings to escape an oncoming flood. However, the buildings are unstable, and can only hold a certain number of players at a time, so you have to be careful, or your safe spot will come crumbling down!

There is no limit to the number of players in Catastrophe. Use your smartphone as a controller and drop in at any time.

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  • Playable up to 100+ players

  • Short rounds with drop-in/out capabilities

  • Utilize HappyFunTimes plugin for Unity

Designing for All-Around Fun

Our team wanted to create an experience where players would have fun cooperating and competing simultaneously. To achieve this, we implemented dynamic building holding capacity. The buildings in-game would always have enough space to hold all players, however, each building could only take a maximum number of characters before collapsing. Emergence is generated by players deciding among themselves whether to cooperate so all could survive the flood, or to compete and sabotage others.




  • Del Nordlund

  • Nathan Powless-Lynes

  • Ian Wang

  • Adriana Matic

  • Quinn Goffin