Super Slime Slasher Ultra



Super Slime Slasher Ultra is a game made for Ludum Dare 41. The theme was to mix 2 incompatible genres, so our team decided on a mix of match-3 and action. Players must slash slimes and cash in their chain to earn points by right clicking or pressing LB when a chain of 3 or more of the same color slimes is achieved.

Design Chat


  • Combine 2 incompatible genres


Combining the Incompatible

Our team choose to combine the genres of match-3 and action. To decide upon gameplay, we broke down each genre into its defining traits and chose the best of both to drive our design.

Slimes run around and attack like traditional action enemies, chipping away at the player’s health until the player dies (failing the game). Attacking the slimes does destroy them, but to earn points, players must strategically defeat slimes in match-3 fashion and cash in their combos.


Friendship Garden at Play NYC

Organized by Charles Hans Huang and Jacob Rosenbloom, Friendship Garden 2018 was a megabooth at Play NYC focused on highlighting games made by developers from underrepresented groups in the game industry.

Bad Cupid by Kitfox Games

Our tutorial character, Ambyst, was one of the characters released in the first wave of characters in Bad Cupid, Kitfox Games’ experimental dating sim. For this, I made eight different expression sprites for Ambyst.




  • Del Nordlund

  • Sebastian Scaini

  • Patrick Flattery

  • Ace Bellikka